What If It Rains Or Winds Reach More Then 25kmph+ During Event Or On The Same Day?

  • At A Hiring we closely monitor and observe weather conditions at all time. If your event is likely to have rain/extreme conditions we offer re-schedule of dates if they're available and also changing to indoor setups on the same day. We understand how heartbreaking and disappointing it can be at times, so we make sure we improvise and make it happen to secure the special day.

If My Event Is Cancelled Or For Any Reason Doesn't Go Ahead, Do You Offer Refunds?

  • Yes, If your event for any reason is cancelled or does not go ahead 45 days prior to the event date. You will be refunded in full.

    How Do I Book Your Products For Hire?

    • By navigating to our “Shop” page via our website, you can add the items that you are interested in to your cart and our team will send you a quote. Alternatively, please give us a call or reach out via email and we will be able to assist you.

    Do You Require A Deposit At Checkout?

    • No. Once the booking has been made with our easy to use online store we will reach out via email in regards to your setup. We understand each and every event has different needs, the deposit varies from event size/product range.

    How Much Access Is Required For Jumping Castle Setup?

    • We require 1.5m access in width to be able to get the castle to the required area for setup. In cases of narrow spaces, stairs or uneven surfaces, please notify us prior to your event before. 

    What Is The Weight Limit For When Using The Jumping Castle?

    • We advise common sense is used and avoid more than 8 children on the castles at any time. This is for safe play purposes. Please check product description carefully there you can see exactly the weight limit for our product range.

    Can We Setup At A Public Park Or Public place?

    • Yes. If you require us to set up in a public reserve or park, you must have permission from the council prior to your event. We will require proof of the approval before setup. The ground must also be clear of any sharp objects or obstructions prior to castle arrival and set up. You will also need to hire one of our generators for power, which can be added to your quote through the shop section in our online store.

    Do You Have Insurance? My Venue Is Requesting A Copy.

    • A Hiring is fully insured and should you require a copy of our insurance policy, please Contact us to request this.

    What Is The Delivery Fee Price?

    • Delivery, setup, and collection fee is priced during the check out process. Once you add your address, it will calculate this for you. Should you require something specific, please reach out to one of our team members.

    Can Kids Have Face Paint At Any Times During Hiring Products?

    • This is a big no! Face-paint gets stuck on the PVS and makes it impossible to get out. Sorry!

    Can We Move The Castle During Hire Period?

    • Due to safety and insurance requirements, the castle cannot be moved once staff have set up.

    How Do You Clean Your Equipment?

    • At both setup and pack up, we use a solution that kills 99.99% of bacteria to clean down the castle surfaces before packing away. Later, our castles are inflated, scrubbed down and dried thoroughly to maintain their sparkle and charm. We take great care of our equipment to ensure the safety and satisfaction of our customers. Should our products arrive in a state that you are not completely satisfied with, we ask that you please let us know immediately to ensure we are able to rectify this.